7 effective on-page SEO technique

                                7 effective on-page SEO technique 

In SEO the importance of the on-page optimization is very mandatory. Without on page SEO, the whole SEO process is useless. This is a basic part of SEO process and this process doing on the website. On this process, we have to fallow some technique so we can defiantly effective optimize our website and get a good result on Google. Now I want to show you the 7 effective on-page SEO technique.

  Title tag

The meta tag is very important in on page SEO and by using meta title tag helps search engine to identify the content of that website and also meta title tag helps search engine to know they are of any business or what kind of services provide that business. On Meta title tag we put some keyword related to our services that help to ranks our website on that particular keyword. The very important part is the size of Meta title tag and the ideal size of Meta title tag is 50 – 60 word. More than this length search engine unable to read all word and its give bad impact on search rank. The title tag is the one of the most important of 7 effective on-page SEO technique.
 Example - <Title> android app Development Company</title>

Meta description tag

By the using on this tag search engine have to know all of the information of that page. The very important use of Meta description tag is it appear on Google search result on the particular quarry. Under the Meta description tag put the primary keyword and secondary keyword also for a better result. On the Meta description tag, most important use is how we give fantastic reason to choose our services that mean we can describe an excellent way to our services. On this section, we have to put the keyword on properly for the help of user quarry not only show the getting the profile of search engine rank. We can say we put all the keyword in this section natural way. The length of Meta description is not more than 150 word. The description tag is most effective on-page SEO technique.
Example - <meta name="description" content="website design company">

Body tag

The Meta body tag is also very important for the purpose of good SEO. On this part, we have to clearly identify our content for their particular services. If the length and word of content are good so we can defiantly get a good result. On this section, we include H1, H2, H3……… tags. The importance of an H1 tag is very crucial because of on this tag we put some important tag on that page related particular keyword and the help of H1 tag Google identify the importance and the use of that particular quarry. According to H1, H2, and H3….. Tag we have to put the keyword that we want to good result on search engine.

 URL optimization 

For the getting best result, we modify the URL in this way that helps search engine to identify that particular quarry and helps user also to get the good result. The user-friendly URL helps many ways like if the URL is well managed so user not able to face any problem for remind on that word and also well manage url looking very well. If the URL is well managing so its helps search engine for getting a good result. Each word in the URL should be separated using dashes (-).

Image optimization

Image optimization is also an important part of on-page optimization. On this, we optimize images of that particular page for the use of alt tag. On this process, we put the keyword on alt tag for getting the best result. On image optimization, most important things keep in mind that the keyword put the alt tag is related to that page content not out of topic because image optimization helps, for now, the search engine of the particular quarry and also we use images that are a light wait for getting good speed.

Keyword density

Keyword density is another important part of whole SEO process. When we use all of the content so first thing keeps in mind that is the importance of keyword and the proper density of that content for a particular keyword. On content, we use the certain keyword or we can use a different kind of some keyword for getting a good result. If the keyword we are using extensive way so that chance of penalizing on our website is high for Google.

Internal Linking

Internal linking we link one page to another page for specific anchor taxed that we want to get rank. On internal linking, we use many effective ways of getting the good result. A perfect internal linking strategy any website get a high chance for the rank that particulate quarry for that page. If you mention the primary keyword of this page on other pages within your site, then link to this page using the primary keyword as the anchor text. For example, if you have a keyword like a website development company so you need to that keyword 1 or 2 anchor text and that have the link to another page that related to this quarry.

                                  So these are the 7 effective on-page SEO technique for getting a good result. On this technique play a most important role on whole SEO process and also helps search engine for identifying particular content on that page. 

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